When time allows I write here in an attempt to understand and describe the connections between the larger systems of ecology and economy and our day to day existence. What is the relationship between the small, intimate and mundane, and the wider overarching systems we live in and under? What frameworks and ideas might help us take care of the small corners of the world that we each have the privilege and duty to care for, to witness, to protect, to leave a better place.

I use the word economy as it was understood in ancient Greece. ‘Ekonomia’ stems from ekos, meaning home, and nomos, meaning to manage. By this definition the economy is how we manage our resources in order for all to live well. It could in fact be seen as the particularly human aspect of the larger ecology.

It is how we hold our small corner of the world.


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  1. pendantry says:

    I often think that economists should be reminded of the roots of the name of their profession; all too often their (IMO barmy) theories don’t even pay lip service to the idea of ‘managing the home’.

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