Hello and welcome to my blog.

I am an educator, storyteller and consultant in the Human Scale Development approach, which uses a fundamental needs framework to assess the health of economies. My work focuses on the interplay between language, storytelling and behaviour change, with the aim of cultivating our ‘radical collective imagination’. I am particularly interested in changing the narrative around economic success to include the many ways we meet our needs that fall outside the scope of westernised notions of value.

I have worked with a wide range of international audiences, including refugees, business leaders, community organisers and students from institutions such as Schumacher College, the Centre for Alternative Technology, London School of Economics and Lille Institute of Political Studies.


In 2021 I founded a social enterprise called Crazy Beautiful World with my 16 year old son. Our mission is to connect young people with the adults who care about their future to explore compassionate and wise ways to navigate the challenges of the 21st Century.


Inez Aponte

Devon, UK

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